Le Masque & Makiaje:

Fantastic Face Painting & Henna Design by Majalehn

Theatre Nouveau artistes offer Fantastic Face Painting (Makiaje) & Henna Design (Mehndi) for its 24th season at Tanglewood's July 4th celebration! The fine facial artistry consists of hand-blended, colour-coordinated, folk-arte New Renaissance designs and masques. The natural Henna paste provides an exquisite ancient adornment with a modern bejeweled touch of brilliant glitters. Each one is delicately dramatic, uplifting one's creative spirit. This sophisticated delicate fine-line artistry consists of hand-blended, non-toxic, color-coordinated folk arte and new renaissance as well as henna designs. Done intuitively, each one is uniquely dramatic while uplifting one’s creative spirit! Besides being painted up and/or hennaed, you will have the opportunity to learn this lucrative craft.